ICON Treatment For White Spot on Teeth

Can We Treat Hypo calcified White Spot without Veneers or Crown?

Answer is Yes. One visit ICON Treatment

Few kids have white chalky spots on their teeth right from the birth. Others can develop white spots after putting braces or appliances in mouth for long time. These patients could be easily treated with single visit icon treatment without any further damage to teeth. The procedure is very simple and don`t need any precautions.

What is ICON Treatment?

Icon is a resin infiltration procedure. Tooth is etched with Icon Infiltrate and then Icon dry ( minimally invasive resin infiltrate) is applied to teeth. This procedure could be repeated 3-4 times to get desired results. Post operative results are quite satisfactory. This procedure reduces risk of further damage to teeth by caries progression.

Benefits of ICON Treatment:

  • Aesthetically pleasant results could be achieved without further damage to tooth.
  • Single visit Procedure. Don`t require anesthesia or any drilling of teeth.
  • No precaution required after treatment. Patient can eat food after returning home.



Before and After Treatment White Spot Results