Local Anesthetic Cartridge:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Contains approximately 1.8 ml of L.A in each cartridge.

Septodont/ Septocaine® (articane hcl and epinephrine injection) contains articaine HCl (40 mg/mL), epinephrine (1:200,000 or 1:100,000). Each cartridge of Septocaine has 1.7 ml of anesthesia.

2% Local anesthesia means 2gm in 100ml.

2000mg in 100ml. or 20 mg in 1 ml.

1 cartridge has 1.8 x 20= 3.6 mg

Drugs and it`s Maximum Dose:

Articaine- 7mg/kg, Bupivicaine- 2mg/kg, Lidocaine- 7mg/kg, Mepivicaine- 6.6mg/kg, Prilocaine-8 mg/kg

Maximum amount of Local Anesthetic to be given to a patient:

Articaine- 500mg, Bupivicaine- 150mg, Lidocaine- 500mg, Mepivicaine 2%-500mg, Mepivicaine 3%- 300mg, Prilocaine- 600mg


Local Anesthetic          

4% Articaine           

0.5% Bupivicaine

2% Lidocaine

2% Mepivicaine

4% Prilocaine

Maximum Dosage

7mg/kg (up to 500mg),5mg/kg in children

2mg/kg (up to 200mg)

7mg/kg (up to 500mg)

6.6 mg/kg (up to 400mg)

8mg/kg( up to 500mg)

Max. # Cartridges




11 or 7 if plain