Role of Oral Hygiene in Covid Control:

Role of Oral Hygiene in Covid Control:


Good oral hygiene has been recognized as a means to prevent upper airway infections in Covid patients in earlier stages, especially in those over the age of 70s. Those with periodontal disease are at a 25 percent increased risk of heart disease, three times the risk of getting diabetes, and 18 percent higher risk of getting hypertension. These are few measures to take improve your oral health to prevent the spread of Covid in upper airways on routine basis:


How To Maintain Oral Hygiene During Covid Era:



  • Proper Brushing and Flossing:


Brushing twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste is a recommended practice for adults.        Flossing teeth after each diet will help in preventing tooth decay. Stress, sedentary lifestyle, lack of proper diet schedule, frequent eating would lead to more caries cases.




  • Warm Saline Gargles:


Gargles with warm water is quite effective for mucous dissolution in early stages. Thick mucous deposition on upper throat is an early finding in covid patients. This mucus leads to an ideal culture medium for coronavirus growth. It is the leading cause of virus entry in the upper airway where it could cause lung fibrosis. 



  • Zinc Lozenges:


Many clinical studies have shown a promising role in reducing viral load in early stages if taken in high quantities. It also reduces symptoms of common cold. Zinc salt has proved highly effective in reducing viral load in the whole body cell. Excessive consumption of zinc for a long time can cause toxicity. Legumes are a rich source of zinc in the diet.



  • Preventing Sore Throat and Nasal Inflammation:


Preventing inflammation in the oral cavity or nasal cavity is key to prevent virus growth in the body. Viruses mostly enter the human body by oral or nasal route. If there is already any inflammation there, it could lead to an optimal environment for virus growth. In a new study Budesonide/ Pulmicort corpsules inhalation in upper respiratory difficulty/ chest congestion covid cases has proved life saving in 20% cases.

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Dr. Neetu Garg

Dr. Neetu Garg is a dentist by profession, lecturer by vocation and a medical writer by passion. She specialized in Dental Implantology and is a board certified dentist. For her, health communication is not just writing complicated reviews for professionals but spreading medical knowledge to the general public as well.